Vientiane: The Italian Job

If you haven't heard of the new Italian Job restaurant, you must be living under a rock. Well, it's time to come out from under that rock and seeing what you're missing! 


The Italian Job is the new baby of PDR - Pizza Da Roby, one of Vientiane's most popular pizza joints downtown. 

Now Roby has brought fine Italian pizza and pasta to the other side of town, and us locals are very happy about it. 


It's not just that Ban Thongkhan, and the surrounding areas of Vatnak and Sokpaluang are full of falang expats, embassies and offices, it's that there's only a handful of places to eat at. 


So it makes perfect business sense to start a restaurant here. And it explains why you're likely to know at least half the other customers too!


The Italian Job marries not only quality ingredients and Italy cooking with a great location, it also caters specially to families. Which is a big plus for all those parents who prefer using their ambidextrous skills to eat their own meal at a leisurely pace. 


While Pizza Da Roby is known for its pizzas, it's the 4 pages of homemade pasta dishes that will grab your attention at the Italian Job. From handmade ravioli to truffle tagliatelle and pesto gnocchi, it's a pasta lover's scene. 


Not to say you shouldn't try the pizzas, for they are my favourite. Crispy, chewy bases heaped high with delicious, fresh ingredients and imported Italian cheeses. Cooked to perfection in the outdoor wood-fired pizza oven. 


Also on offer are lasagne, fish and tempting entrees such giant arancini balls - definitely worth a taste. 


I almost forgot dessert. There are about 5 options on offer, including a dessert of the day. The tiramisu is a treat or there's always a lovely chocolate eclair. Gobble it up while the kids are playing - they'll never know! 


The Italian Job's variety and quality ingredients means that it's comparatively pricier than its downtown sibling. But don't let that stop you from checking out the new kid on the block.

The Italian Job is on Sokpaluang Road, in the same soi at Manee Spa. It's open for lunch and dinner, 12-2pm and 6-10pm, Tuesday-Saturday. Arrive early to grab the outside seating. Motorbike parking in the driveway, cars are street parking only. 


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