Survey time!

Eat Drink Laos has clocked the six month mark now (yay) and I'm really getting into it. It's so lovely to hear from people that they are enjoying reading it too. Writers are a strange breed in that we adore the thought of people reading and enjoying our work but get quite tongue-tied when actually told this in person. Modest little monkeys.

I have lots of plans afoot for this year's posts but I thought I'd stop and check that we are all on the same page. I write this blog for myself as I explore Laos but also for you, my readers. And while you can always leave a comment on one of my posts or Facebook page, or contact me via email or social media, I thought I'd just break it down for you.

Here's your chance to tell me exactly what you'd like more or less of, or something different altogether. And this survey is super quick - I promise! Thanks so much, I really appreciate your time and support.

What do you do? *
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When do you usually read Eat Drink Laos? *
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Which type of posts do you most want to see on Eat Drink Laos? *
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Thank you! I'll let you know the results soon and what you can expect to see on Eat Drink Laos in 2016.