Lao streetfood: Fried potato chips

If you're thinking this week's streetfood sounds pretty ordinary, it's not. Who doesn't love fried potatoes? Besides, these are thinly sliced, devoid of salt and conveniently presented in a plastic bag. And they make great share food - perhaps the most common denominator of Lao streetfood. 

Jen and and I were out for lunch in town when we spotted a woman pushing a mun falang tord (fried potato chip) cart. She was going at quite a brisk pace but Jen pursued her down the street shouting "Euay!" (older sister). 

This is Mai. She lives in Nong Duang village, only a couple of kms from the city centre. She cooks all the food at home, and pushes her cart in here everyday. She'll sell everything within the day. 


Apart from mun falang tord, there's also mun tord (fried sweet potato), both sold in bags for 5,000 kip each. And there is deep fried mun, as well as hand rolled lettuce leaves and salad (in Styrofoam packs at the front). 

May was in a bit of a hurry when spoke, so Xairung fired the questions and I darted around snapping photos. She was on her way to Sikhot, also known as Ho Chi Minh high school. This is also where, incidentally, we found our intrepid egg baby connoisseurs. Clearly it's a school of streetfood enthusiasts. 

Food critics in the making. 

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