Happy 5 years blogging

This month, on the 28th September, I will celebrate five years of continuous blogging. It's a mighty fine achievement, if I say so myself, and a lot of hard work and dedication.

In late September 2010, az and I were embarking for Chile, with 4-month old Maya in tow. We really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into it - though we did know that Chile had good wine and we weren't wrong on that front. One of the best things I did there was to start my blog, originally known as The Three Amigos (how cute).

In our 2 1/2 years in Santiago, I wrote almost 500 posts. Blogging was my constant companion and it was a wonderful discipline for my writing. I am a much better writer now because of all those posts on parenting, travel, wineries, restaurants, and doing all four at the same time, plus all the 'lost in translation' quirks that provide the spice of expat life. (Thanks Mum, for being my faithful reader).

Then, it was back to Canberra for a slightly less adventurous couple of years but a lot more writing, and paid writing at that. I was determined not to give up on the blog though and I tweaked it to focus more on the stories behind some of my interesting freelance commissions.

And now we are here in Laos and the quirkiness begins afresh. I am in the process of collating all my past posts into an archive that will be accessible on this blog. I'd hate to lose all that hard work and memories. Like all writers, I imagine, I am secretly proud of everything I have written, regardless of whether I ever display it to the world.

In honour of hitting the five year mark, I present myself with this stunning, custom made banner from Asma Enayeh, a wonderful and talented Dubai artist that I found on Etsy. Asma truly is a very creative and inspirational artist and I loved working with her. I can't wait to receive the original in the mail and frame it.

Asma mainly works with couples and families to create unique travel memories and wedding art. So, my email was probably quite unusual. I explained that I was looking for a design that incorporated the quintessential elements of Laos, with an emphasis on food and farming. I am really impressed at what she came up with, and I am thrilled to have a such an original banner for my blog.

This may spell a new chapter for Asma as an online website illustrator, and it's certainly a great way to ring in my new chapter. To the next five years!

What kind of art do you love having around?