Ban Anou Night Market

Any night of the week you can pop down to visit the Ban Anou Night Market in town. It consists simply of stalls for a couple of blocks along one side of Rue Phai Nam. There are houses and such along the other side, interspersed with a few tables and chairs. Men drink beer and play petanque at one street corner; at another local children gather for a late night class, or babysitting.


There are grilled meat kebabs, sausages, and whole chickens and fish on skewers laid out on banana leaves, fresh from the hot charcoal grills. Small plastic bags of jeow (dipping sauce) are being prepared nearby, and bamboo rings of pork jerky hang decoratively nearby.


You choose your skewer of meat and hand it over to the cook who pops it back onto the BBQ to cook through completely. I bought 2 fish, 2 chicken skewers, and a packet of fresh spring rolls for about 50,000 kip (A$7.50).


There are also soups and stews of meat, fish, vegetables, and offal.


The woman above is chopping up parts of raw fish with a machete and throwing them into the bubbling pop here. Real fish soup.


Some of the dishes have been prepared earlier in the day and are trucked in from the villages.

Deep fried frogs

Deep fried frogs

A stall of sweetened bean drinks shows every flavour


It's a market for all kinds of people, from the drive by motorcyclists to the petanque playing men who have their meals delivered by one of the ubiquitous family shop assistants.


And there's always something for the sweet tooths - bubble tea and jelly and mung bean desserts...


Ban Anou Market is on Phai Nam road downtown.